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Do you have a company?

We have the ideal solution for you and your employees.


Our rooms are the ideal place for team outings, improving your team's spirit and strengthening group work.


Faced with high-pressure situations where you have to depend on each other to be successful, your employees will have to work as team and find ways to collaborate more efficiently.

Within our rooms, communication and teamwork happen naturally with different elements playing different roles and everyone working together to solve the puzzles they face.


At the end of this experience you will havea more united team with new working relationships and skills that you can take to your work environment... and certainly, a lot of desire to do it again!

The Xcape solution for your company

You can divide your employees intoteams of 2 to 6 members through the different rooms, creating healthy competition or simply for the pleasure of the final result. The teams will then haveone hour for a group, solve problems, discover clues and decipher access codes that allow them to pass through the different rooms until the final exit!

Youour games are mentally stimulating but they don't require much physical effort, so anyone can participate and everyone is at the same starting point! If you are looking for a different way ofencourage group spirit among your employees in a relaxed atmosphere, Xcape is for you!

Contact us to find out more about special prices for companies and competitions that we can develop especially for your employees!

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